It is our life long pursuit to define, explore and report on the genre of food commonly referred to as MANFOOD.  We are not Chefs, Cooks, Grillmasters, or Pitmasters. Unless for fun, we are not competitors, purists, professionals or culinary experts. We are however, a group of guys that enjoy food in a particular way that is simple, straight forward and most of all, fun.





The new flavor at the Canyon Club is in the books and you can request them by asking for Tajin Wings. It’s a naked wing, perfectly fried with Tajin seasoning. Sounds simple but simple tends to take more precision and care nd let’s be honest, all we care about is the taste, and taste is #bangin. So head over to the CC and get you some, but before you do here are a few things you should know:

  • They are fried in oil that is changed out more frequently than most joints (every 3 days) so you get a clean wing that is perfectly fried. That’s half the battle.
  • They come with dipping sauce (Ranch I believe) but try them in the Cajun Garlic wings sauce and you might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Eat them hot! Unlike their traditional and Garlic Cajun wings, these don’t travel well. Let them sit around too long you will end up with a different wing that is still pretty good. But eat these bad boys right when they are served and they may quite possibly be your favorite wing, ever.
  • Oh, and most importantly, these wings are MANFOOD CERTIFIED!

For more on these Tajin Wings check out the link: Tajin Wings or see below.

One of our favorite places has done it again. The Canyon Sports Bar and Grill has created a wing flavor they currently are calling Lemon Pepper Wings.  Check the video to see what we think and our only questions is, does the name Lemon Pepper do it justice?

DT chops it up with Victor while he taste tests his new flavor
Victor keeping customers happy by offering the ‘Ultimate Wing Experience”


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