It is our life long pursuit to define, explore and report on the genre of food commonly referred to as MANFOOD.  We are not Chefs, Cooks, Grillmasters, or Pitmasters. Unless for fun, we are not competitors, purists, professionals or culinary experts. We are however, a group of guys that enjoy food in a particular way that is simple, straight forward and most of all, fun.




Most of the best dishes ever are indigenous and its not a fluke. It’s magic. It’s the kind of magic that happens when you combine the best local ingredients with the best locals. Made from the same juice that binds a sports team with its fans, it’s a hit song that you listen to over and over again because you love it, and sometimes because you need it. In short, it’s perfection wrapped in love and it usually cost around 10 bucks. Like I said, perfection.


Now we all know about the Philly cheese steak. World renowned. Simple. Perfect. From the land of brotherly love. I’m not a well-traveled man but I’ve had one, or two, or ten, in Philly. And while I won’t claim to know where the best or most famous spots are (I always hear Pat’s and Gino’s in South Philly), I can tell you that they are delicious and truly indigenous. Thinly shaved deli roast on an Italian loaf with provolone, onion and green bell pepper, not to mention all the other stuff you can add (I like mine with hot and sweet peppers). It is, what they say it is! I like to eat mine standing up so I can sway back and forth to the sweet tunes emanating from my soul.


Another indigenous dish that hits the gong is the underrated, understated, and at times, completely overlooked, SD adobada taco. While SD taco shops are known for their carne asada burritos and rolled taco specials, the adobada taco is the loco local vocal. Pork marinated in red chili sauce placed on a corn tortilla with cilantro and chopped onion, with a splash of red salsa and a squeeze of lime? Shiiiiiiii. I have to sit down when I eat these so I can manage the lime and salsa, but best believe that under the table, the running man is in full effect, minus the pants. Waddup Hammer!

So mash those up and you end up with… The Southern Cali PChilly Cheese Steak


So here’s the mash up:

1. The most obvious, we’ll swap the shaved deli roast with adobada pork

2. We’ll satee some white onions and throw in some red bell pepper for the green.

3. Add them together and add some monterey jack or fontina cheese and leave out the provolone (or cheese wiz)

4. Put it on a bolillo or French roll instead of Italian

5. Then add some crushed Chili Frito’s for a little texture
and… Vwalaa!

What do you think? What you would add or take away?


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