Chicken and Waffles = Sweet and Savory; a combo that has G-Spot-Like-characteristics. Meaning, either you’re in the general vicinity and its better than nothing; or you hit the gong. And as we all know, hitting the gong takes time, trial and error and the most dreaded of all – feedback. But once you hit it, it pays, and although cliche, it can be the gift that keeps on giving. And if we’re still talking food, I guess you can say, as I walk up to the joint, I’m expecting good, but hoping for a gong, but aren’t we all:


As we approach the spot, it is 15 minutes till open on a Saturday morning and the CEO has just jumped in his all white sedan preparing to exit. As he closed the door, instead of making his escape (as I’m sure he is a busy man) he rolled the window down to greet me and let me know they would be serving me shortly. I wasn’t expecting that. Seconds later a gentleman in braids, wearing an apron destroyed by batter repeated the same sentiment as he and his coworker set up the outside seating area. “What is this?” I asked myself. True customer service that comes from pride in your work and confidence in your product? No script. Straight from the corazon. I’m comfortable now and ready to eat. Thanks for that.

Now we eat.


And on the menu: A MANFOOD order of wings and fries, a breast  (white meat) waffle combo and a leg and thigh (dark meat) waffle combo. That’s it. That’s all we need. If the sides make or break it for you, check your front pocket and see if your man card is still in there. If not check your wife’s purse or your mama’s mailbox.

In the words of DT “Got Roscoes beat, but not by a wide margin.” That should mean something to most of you. For the rest who haven’t yet hopped aboard the chicken and waffles train; it was smackin! And yes, i hear a gong resonating somewhere between my heart, soul and stomach. While the look of this place is fast food, the flavor and feel is restaurant. A proud, tasty, non greasy, chicken and waffles lovin’, restaurant. Definitely a great place to visit. See below for the particulars.


PPP (Price Per Portion) = 4 out of 5

For the meal I described (the leg and thigh combo didn’t make the pic) we are talking about 30 bucks. That’s feeding 3 regular size ppl for 10/pp. Good value considering the food is quality.

A (Accessibility) = 5 out of 5

Whether your coming or going this spots right off the I-5 and National ave and you can see the strip mall as you exit the freeway. Parking may be an issue on heavy traffic days but you can take it to the house or hop right back on the 5 and keep it moving without an issue or a tissue.

F (Food) = 5 out of 5

The food was good bro.

I (The Itus) = 4 out of 5

I came home and took a brief nap and was up and running in about 30 minutes. It was not as heavy as it looks but some of you over do it with the butter and the syrup so take that into consideration.

O (Overall) = 4.5 out of 5


MFC out.


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