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So you now the feeling you get when you see something that reminds you of yesterday. You just want to buy it and figure out where to put it later. Well, lucky for me, I not only have a place to put my new Aussie Walk-A-Bout 2.0, but I now have a good use for it.

Yup, Throw Back Grillin. I’m going back to the old school to have me some fun and it will be a good switch from my faithful Traeger pellet smoker. And to be honest, I sort of miss sitting around a charcoal grill drinking a beer and watching the meat brown while the coals flicker and occasionally flame up.

Now I’m just getting started on this so this post was kind of spur of the moment AND I totally overlooked the ash pan. But that’s what we do this for. You live and learn and one day I’ll actually read an owners manual.

The Aussie Walk-A-Bout 2.0

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