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The Vista BBQ Classic 2017 was a special day for a number of reasons. One being that it was our first KCBS sanctioned event. That’s Kansas City BBQ Society for you newbies (Don’t worry, we are learning too). The other reason this was such a great day was the event itself. A great event, great people and a ton of experience right there at our finger tips. The competitors were laser focused but once they submitted their final entry to the judges, they opened up and were incredibly hospitable, offering tips, secrets and even motivation for potential newcomers or those of you who may be on the fence. Although this was a competition, and please believe me, the competitive energy was in the air, it also had all of the great vibes of a family affair. Started by Tammy and her husband from “When Pigs Fly BBQ and Catering” years ago, they soon handed the event over to Legendary Event Management so they could concentrate on competing. And its paid off. Not only is it a great function, When Pigs Fly will be opening a second restaurant in Vista soon. We call that a win-win! Not to mention some of these competitors have been sprinkled with rock star dust and are worth following as the season continues. Trust me you entertainment dollar will be well worth it. While it was hard to select a favorite, we did include our favorite video snippet of the day at the end. Enjoy and stay tuned for more competitive BBQ from MANFOOD CERTIFIED. And remember, it’s not MANFOOD unless it’s MANFOOD CERTIFIED!

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